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Don't Overlook DesignWith so many marketing companies looking to branch out and earn revenue wherever they can, it is safe to say that not every business can offer design.

Design is not something  you can fake

The inspiration for this topic sparked as I was recently visiting one of the leading email marketing campaign service providers. Having never been a fan of the service, I have been out of the industry loop.

I have to say that the numbers they were providing with regards to ROI and exposure were pretty staggering but all in all any fly by night company may look to offer email marketing campaigns. So I wanted to find out more about what they offer, perhaps some insight as to their focus, when I was instantly trapped within their website without any direction.

I had clicked on the services tab and an overview of their email marketing service. However there was no call to action or obvious way to proceed. Instead I assume I was supposed to close the popup window and dig around the site, maybe find the telephone number or contact page.

I would have otherwise not payed any attention to this ordeal, but I was taken back by the ever expansive market of online business and how many unsound decisions are made every day with regards to design. There is no doubt that this email marketing company makes a substantial revue from their services based on the client spotlights, however, simple design aspects remain overlooked because they are so focused on their current objective.

The simple fact remains, however, the internet as a whole is one large UI (user interface) and navigating that interface is integral to your businesses potential success.

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