Essential Social Media Aspects of a Business Blog

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Essential Social Media Aspects of a Business BlogThese few blog features can be essential to the setup of your businesses social media marketing campaign. As a starting point these aspects will work well in getting your business blog ready to market your business.

Domain Name
Own Your Own Domain. When creating your own business blog, it will be important that you have full control over your domain and have complete access to how and where it is setup online. Owning the domain name also adds credibility rather then using a free blog on WordPress or Blogger that anyone can setup. You can take the time to secure these domains, such as, as well but the main focus of your business blog should be on a unique domain.

Subscribe Buttons
RSS and email subscription buttons allow visitors to easily stay up to date with your blog posts and add the ease of use when staying connected with your business.

Share Function
Incorporate the ability for others to share the information you post to your business blog. Whether a reader wants to re-tweet your post or submit the article to their favorite social bookmarking site the share this function adds the ability to others spread your information via viral marketing avenues.

Social Networks
In similar fashion to RSS and email subscription feeds, more and more online users have social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. Adding the ability for your visitors to follow you through your social networks will not only increase the number of ways that potential customers can stay up to date with your blog allows you to insert yourself into their social profile and gain exposure with everyone that they are connected with as well.

Poplar Posts
As specific blog posts gain popularity it can be important to allow readers to easily find and reference information that others have had continued interest in. Also from a search engine stand point, your popular posts continue to establish direct links from your blogs navigation section, these direct links allow the search engines to easily re-index these posts and view of high importance because they are linked to from every page your navigation is included on.

Business Involvement
If you become involved in social networks and obtain a number of followers, displaying the number of Twitter followers for example will create credibility because it builds up the importance of your  blog and the reason others should follow you as well. Also should your business get involved in the media or have accomplishments that other online avenues have recognized adding these to your blog only further improves your businesses involvement in the industry.

Email Capture
Offer free insight or news by way of a newsletter for example, to help increase your exposure and the number of followers that are interested in the unique information you offer. This also allows you to increase your email marketing campaign by capturing email addresses thus your overall exposure.

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