Social Media Bundled Packages

Design Plus


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Cancel Anytime




Cancel Anytime

eBar Toolbar
Free Domain Registration
Free Hosting
$22.95 Value
First Month is Free First Month is Free First Month is Free
WP Installation
MySQL Database Setup
Custom Blog Design
News Style Blog Layout
Web 2.0 Enabled
RSS Feed Integration
XML Sitemap
SEO Ready
Custom Banners 1 3
Initial Blog Posts 10 Posts
250 word minimum
30 Posts
250 word minimum
Social Bookmarks 125 Submissions
over 30 days
500 Submissions
over 60 days
Bookmarking Report 1 Detailed Reports 2 Detailed Reports
Keyword Tracking Report
Keyword Phrases 2 8
Custom Twitter Design
Optional Services
(Monthly Marketing)
Cancel Anytime
  • 10 Blog Posts
  • 125 Monthly Bookmarks
  • 1 Detailed reports
  • Targeting 2 Keywords

$168 Per Month

  • 30 Blog Posts
  • 500 Monthly Bookmarks
  • 2 Detailed reports
  • Targeting 8 Keywords

$399 Per Month

Let Us Develop a Social Media Presence for Your Business

With one of our social media packages we can help establish your business brand in a number of social media avenues. Bundled with an expert, social media marketing strategy, we work to build upon sound marketing strategies such as content, writing, viral marketing and link building each month.