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2010 social network usageIn a recently report released by SocialTwist on Social Media Sharing Trends for 2010 it came to no surprise that Facebook holds a substantial portion of the Market share, according to the report.

Breakdown by Referrals

  • Facebook, which accounts for over 78% usage this year, clearly maintains its position as the first choice of users when it comes to sharing in Social Networking space.
  • MySpace and Twitter occupy the next two positions with a share percent of 14.5% and 5% respectively.
  • Google owned Orkut, which made its debut recently in the sharing arena, saw a modest usage of 2%.

More importantly, however, may be the breakdown of referrals that was uncovered through the analysis. It will remain to be seen, how Twitter will focus on working towards the dominance in social media traffic that Facebook has been able to obtain. Yet, Twitter seems to have found a niche for business marketing that will continue to be a driving force behind its success.

Facebook average click through rate was only around 3 clicks, while Twitter resulted in an average of 19. Because Twitter’s design caters towards short blurbs that lead to more information rather then the specific interaction between family and friends, Twitter for marketing has specific advantages for businesses looking to increase Social traffic.

2010 facebook and twitter ctrFacebook & Twitter CTR

  • Social Media channels have a very high click through rate.
  • Facebook has a click through rate of 287%.
  • Microblogs have a staggering click through rate.
  • Twitter’s click through rate is 1904%.

The click through ratio (CTR) from Twitter means more interaction with the customer will come directly through the original articles and information that businesses tweet.

Although there are a large number of factors that come into play when focusing on any particular social media platform, Twitter has a decisive advantage for businesses looking to focus on traffic from social media referrals.

Also with the updated Twitter layout, businesses can more effectively share up to date videos through their Twitter profile then Facebook. Adding another layer of much needed depth that Twitter was missing without having to lead readers from one tab to another.

Since both social media platforms can easily integrate and marketing campaigns on both social networks can easily have cohesive aspects, capitalizing on the specific advantages of Twitter will be key for successful marketing on Twitter. Not to mention, knowing the nuances of each platform when deciding which may be best suited for your business to focus on.

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