Undertanding the Reasons We Follow

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Understanding the Reasons We FollowAs you continue to branch out into social media and obtain some success it is going to be important to track the reasons customers follow brands.

There are a growing number of reasons that businesses look to drive followers, gain more exposure and obtain more leads, however the driving force behind ‘liking’ something on Facebook, may simple be, because they feel an affinity 2 brand themselves with their favorite tv shows, books, or hobbies, not for the coupon code offer.

One of the most influential features of Facebook is the ability to connect and share with friends and family, so creating this type of interaction for your customers on your website can be imperative.

A simple solution may be the reverse syndication of your Facebook wall posts. Publishing your Facebook fan posts onto your website, offering a chance to connect directly with your business and website visitors through the powerful social networking platform.

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