Using Your Blog to Track Social Media Metrics

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Using Your Blog to Track Social Media Metrics

With so many options out there for tracking Social ROi, are they Necessary?

There are a number of paid services out there that allow you to manage and run multiple social media profiles from a central hub. Many of these also offer analytics, allowing you to have a better understanding of how your social media marketing profiles are progressing your bottom line.

As many other social media experts will agree it can be fruitless to place too much effort on tracking your social media analytics. Proven social media techniques such as utilizing the many benefits of Twitter simply work, so taking precious time out of each day divulging into each aspect of your social media profiles can hinder more then it helps.

One of the main key aspects to social media is getting involved. Creating networks and interacting alone will gain your business valuable exposure in your related field, and the feedback you receive alone will be a solid indication that you are focusing on the right avenues to generate success.

Using Your Blog as a Social Media Hub
With any social media marketing strategy, a business blog can instantly become the central hub for which customers can interact and stay up to date with the important information that your business offers.

Using your blog you can integrate features and information as well as feature your blog posts on social networks which will allow you to then track the number of referrals your blog receives from social networking sites, such as Twitter and Facebook.

These types of cross promotional aspects will also become an important part of how expansive your social presence is perceived by readers and potential customers. As well as further the number of ways readers can then follow your business.

The more focus you have on any one specific social network will only result in more visibility for visitors to then lead into your blog. Because your marketing efforts in any one of these social networks is not determined by search results or listings, the amount of visibility that you obtain through followers and interaction will become imperative.

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