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Comment Voting
WordPress Tweaks for Professional Blog DesignGiving users another opportunity to interact with your site can increase the value of comments. Although a reader may not take the time to leave a comment on one of your post, they may have found the valuable information that they were looking for through one of the comment conversations and take the time to give it a recommended thumbs up for other users. By implementing a comment voting system you can greatly increase the ease of use when trying to sort through user feedback on a given post and add another valuable layer to your blog as a resource rather then always relying on the key features of social bookmarking sites to act as a referral.

Popular Posts
Use the popularity of certain posts to your advantage by showcasing them in your blogs navigation areas. This build direct links to them from each page on your site and continually promotes their importance to the search engines. Otherwise you have to rely on search engines indexing process in order to ensure your popular posts continue to gain exposure.

This will also add a vital section within your navigation that allows you to showcase what others found important on your site. It may only take one article to obtain another continued reader for your blog so using the posts that carry weight with other readers is a win, win.

Post Excerpt
Whether you manually set the more tags within a post or set the post_excerpt word count for your categories, creating an easily navigable blog will be integral to increasing your user base. Each time a visitor reaches your blog they want to be able to direct themselves to the information they find most resourceful, the less scrolling that is involved the better your chances are that they will see a large number of your blog’s posts.

Category ‘Pages’
If your business is serious about getting involved in blogging and wants to more accurately develop a blog that will gain a large amount of exposure, I am a huge fan of developing main category pages. This allows you to feature a number of the most recent posts from a number of subcategories in a news layout. This can reduce the need to scroll as well as allow for more control over the design of your main topics.

Blogs are a powerful tool for gaining exposure yet devoting additional time towards your initial blog design will go to great lengths. Because pages can be custom developed with unique layouts you can easily integrate static content into a category page and other beneficial SEO aspects. By default categories do not allow for customized meta tags either, which pages have complete control over through any of the wordpress SEO plugins.

Social Networks
With the design of any blog it will be important to feature the number of networks that your business is involved in. This can increase your credibility by showcasing the number of followers you have on other networks such as Twitter and also allow readers more ways to stay up to date with your blog posts that they may frequent already. Any time you gain exposure you want to capitalize on the short amount of time your target market may dedicate to your site, adding your social networks to your blog design has become industry standard.

Blog design and functionality can certainly make or brake a successful blog marketing campaign. Other then some of the design basics these fundamental features can greatly improve the interaction between your blog and readers.

With careful consideration, an understanding of your goals and how to accomplish these goals will enable you to move forward with all of the other important aspects of establishing a blog as a part of your business, such as all of the information you are going to want to begin populating the blog with.

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