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Don’t Overlook Design

Don’t Overlook Design

With so many marketing companies looking to branch out and earn revenue wherever they can, it is safe to say that not every business can offer design. Design is not something¬† you can fake The inspiration for this topic sparked as I was recently visiting... 

Why Choose To Have A Custom Blog Built For You?

Why Choose To Have A Custom Blog Built For You?

It’s no secret that the popularity of the Internet is at an all-time high. What many people don’t know, however, is that the Internet has seen an immense amount of changes over the course of the past few years, particularly in the realm of... 

WordPress Tweaks for Professional Blog Design

WordPress Tweaks for Professional Blog Design

Comment Voting Giving users another opportunity to interact with your site can increase the value of comments. Although a reader may not take the time to leave a comment on one of your post, they may have found the valuable information that they were... 

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Marketing Information

Using Your Blog to Track Social Media Metrics

Using Your Blog to Track Social Media Metrics

With so many options out there for tracking Social ROi, are they Necessary? There are a number of paid services out there that allow you to manage and run multiple social media profiles from a central hub. Many of these also offer analytics, allowing... 

Keyword Research as an Afterthought

Keyword Research as an Afterthought

With any marketing strategy, keyword research is an integral aspect of your marketing campaign, however, most businesses begin this process well after the online business has begun development. In order to fully understand your marketing strategy it is... 

Undertanding the Reasons We Follow

Undertanding the Reasons We Follow

As you continue to branch out into social media and obtain some success it is going to be important to track the reasons customers follow brands. There are a growing number of reasons that businesses look to drive followers, gain more exposure and obtain... 

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Truck Bed Tents Custom Blog Design

In designing the Truck Bed Tents custom blog design, We set to create a dramatic feel with contrast and appealing imagery. With a focus on 3 vehicle camping related product lines we wanted to help the client instantly grab the readers attention and draw them into additional information about the type of truck bed tent they are interested in. From news and information to reviews and product specs Truck Bed Tents can quickly and effectively grow into a must read information source.  Read More →

Eating Well Custom Blog Design

Utilzing the initial release of our custom WordPress framework the Eating Well Blog was our opportunity to put our concept of a powerful, customizable WordPress website and blogging framework that can easily be customized for a fully unique and brand specific experience. The concept behind Healthy Budget Foods has been exciting to work on. Healthy Budget Foods brand focus is simply healthy / organic foods that allow you to maintain a healthier diet while not having to break the piggy bank. We sought to utilize this rewarding concept with fun and... [Read More]

My Learning Corner Custom Blog Design

The My Learning Corner project allowed us the opportunity to design and develop a custom genesis child theme, something that I have been looking to accomplish for some time now. With our focus on client work and creative projects, similar to My Learning Corner store we look to stay versed in as many of WordPress’ design and development avenues as possible, which will allow us to utilize the key features that each framework or theme options panel may offer. One goal of the My Learning Corner and child theme project was to implement and create... [Read More]

Satisfied Scrapbooking Website Re-Development

Satisfied Scrapbooking had a contextual affiliate marketing strategy that needed to be expanded. With a sound platform re-development we were able to give Satisfied Scrapbooking the benefits of an in-depth product catalog while maintaining the ease of running an affiliate website. We also sought to revamp the brand behind Satisfied Scrapbooking and translate that across multiple online channels including social media. The expanded product line and category structure allowed for us to focus on a user friendly interface where customers can easily... [Read More]

Make Rain Barrel Custom Facebook Design

Make Rain Barrel’s straightforward approach and niche market within the realm of re-using, recycling, and eco-friendly living lended itself well to the simplistic web 2.0 graphical approach. We instantly wanted to give the reader an understanding of what the product helps accomplish while creating a look unique to this business within the realm of rain water harvesting. With the client’s social media package we were able to add a custom Facebook design to the newly formed social media marketing strategy and help our client establish... [Read More]

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Digital Marketing Conference 2010

In its third year, the 2010 Digital Marketing Conference main focus is ‘addressing the needs of individuals and companies as they seek to use new technologies to engage and motivate their audiences, clients, and customers’. When and Where The DMC is being held Monday, December 13th in the Lincoln Hall at Portland State university. Guest Speakers range from a keynote speaker from Intel to the head of digital marketing at Adidas. Learn how... [Read More]

Twitter CTR Trend

In a recently report released by SocialTwist on Social Media Sharing Trends for 2010 it came to no surprise that Facebook holds a substantial portion of the Market share, according to the report. Breakdown by Referrals Facebook, which accounts for over 78% usage this year, clearly maintains its position as the first choice of users when it comes to sharing in Social Networking space. MySpace and Twitter occupy the next two positions with a share... [Read More]

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