The Role of Social Media Advertising

Social Media Advertising is an Indispensable Element of Modern Marketing Social Media AdvertisingSocial media advertising is an absolute must in today’s digital marketing environment. While traditional forms of advertising will always remain an important part of the marketing landscape, they no longer fulfill the primary role they once did. When compared to social media, advertising venues such as radio, TV, and print ads often function more as adjunct marketing techniques than major promotional strategies.

Traditional Advertising vs. Social Media Advertising:

The Interactive Component

Though not primarily social, media advertising (the traditional kind) does contain a limited social component. However, this component is much less prominent in traditional media, which is almost entirely non-interactive. That’s why such high-participation social media advertising sites as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are becoming so popular. These sites not only give companies free advertising through the interactive social component; they also give consumers a real voice, which drives their tendency to become the company’s best advertisement through word-of-mouth marketing to their online friends and business associates. Through their ever-expanding network of online connections, made through various social media, advertising of this type becomes their way of life. It also becomes one of the easiest methods you can use to infuse new life into your online marketing campaign without pouring huge amounts of money into advertising.

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Social Media Advertising’s Two-Way Communication Model

Whereas traditional, non-social media advertising models have always involved a one-way transfer of information along with one-sided emotional appeals, modern social media advertising is different. This innovative two-way communication model, with its uncanny ability to make a social media advertising message go “viral” as it’s passed from user to user and website to website, has literally transformed marketing, turning it into a new, more-influential-than-ever commodity.

The Social Media Advertising is Dynamic

When a company uses social media advertising, not only does the company dispense its marketing message to the users of the original site, but that message triggers a chain reaction that ripples through the site’s user base and soon spreads to other social media advertising venues where the new sites’ users also become willing participants in the word-of-mouth marketing campaign that has by this time taken on a life of its own. This is an example of the social media advertising model in action.

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