There are many different styles of blogs to choose from, and each blog has a unique purpose.

  • Widgetized areas where appropriate (sidebar, footer, etc.)
  • Threaded comments and pagination, compatible with WordPress
  • Theme option pages on request, for editing things directly from
  • Custom write panels on request, when you’d rather not mess
  • Of course, completely valid XHTML/CSS code which is optimized
  • Of course, completely valid XHTML/CSS code which is optimized

Decide what blog layout fits best for your purpose

Each blog is unique in style. So choosing the right blog style layout is right for you is crucial to getting your point across. Whether your a photographer trying to display your pictures, or a business looking for an easy way to manage your content. A well built custom blog design can enhance what your trying to accomplish.

Enjoy all the benefits of blog link building

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Personal Style LayoutDesigned with more of your personal message in mind.Typically the most affordable type of custom design. Most users using a personal style blog are more focused on semi-personal information. Using privacy settings you can control what your users see. Magazine Style LayoutThe magazine style layout is designed for those with a lot of content that needs to be organized and easily located by your blog visitors. This type of blog usually displays excerpts of multiple blog post on the home page with thumbnails to attract clicks.
Gallery Style LayoutThe gallery type layout is perfect for those that have more pictures than anything to display. The type of person more interestd in this type of layout are photographers, artist, or website designers trying to showcase their work. CMS Style LayoutThe CMS layout is typically best suited for those that want their blog to have more of the look and feel of an actual website instead of a blog. While keeping the information easily changed and arranged within the platform itself.