Website Design Questionnaire

Please spend some time to complete this questionnaire. The information you give us will be invaluable in helping us to offer you designs that are appropriate. Feel free to provide additional information if you think it will help.Please note that it is extremely important for us to receive the form back complete.
  • Example:
  • Example: 4 pages : Home screen, payment section, loading screen, browse section
  • Example: The homepage should introduce our company and what we do as well as direct them to search or browse our products. It should also show featured products and anvils on special.
  • Example: Providing your thoughts on colors, textures, shapes, photography illustration and typography will help guide the design..

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    If you would like us to look at any of your competitors web sites or those who have similar business to yours please provide their web address where we can see examples of their designs and style of presentation: