Your pace marketing is marketing done when you need it and once you understand what “it” is. All to often online business owners get wrapped up in the well designed sales pitch luring you into yet another $4k -5k investment. I have had countless conversations with new website owners that just purchased that opportunity of a lifetime. Then when I ask what is it they bought they say ” well I’m not quite sure but they guaranteed it.”

Well now that seems like a good deal for the company,but it kinda leaves you out in left field, deeper in debt and more often more confused then you were before. I don’t think at this point I have to be the one to tell you that this is not a very effective marketing approach.

Protecting the investment you already have.

Lets face it you already have a large investment to protect with the purchasing and development of your website. Its time to take a little more proactive and informative approach to your business needs. Which in this case is first slowing down and learning what it is you already have an what needs to be done to make it successful. I spend most of time time talking with people that are just finishing the ” honeymoon period” of their website and are just now realizing that things are not going so well.

Online marketing panic mode

This happens about the time the honeymoon ends and it’s understandable. I have spoken to some people who are 20k invested into a business that is going no where. Though panic mode typically leads to more rash investments and deeper debt based off little or no understanding as to what the problem truly is. By using the same tools the pros use at the click of a button inside your EBAR Solutions toolbar. You will have direct access to the information , tools, and resources needed to develop a strong effective marketing strategy.

Compare your competitors website

With the Ebar Solutions toolbar. You can look inside your competitors business and see why they are ranking so high in the search engines. Then duplicate the process easily with your new Web 2.0 Tools. Plus we have found that by having your business right on your browser you are more apt to spend just that little bit of extra time a night to make sure it gets the needed attention to fully grow as an online community.

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